By Jeff Grant

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jcpenneyIt’s been interesting to watch JC Penny reinvent themselves over the last few weeks. The parallels to Target’s campaign seem somewhat obvious, but who’s better to emulate. Target’s done a great job of elevating itself from the Kay Mart category to its own uniques IKEAesque high design-low price,  chic-cheap shopping mecca.

Will JC Penny be as successful? Can a 100 year old plus national brand that’s lost its way reacquire both it’s old customer base and  a new one?

grocery scannerRecently I was asked to provide my thoughts on the future of supermarket shelving for  for Progressive Grocer Magazine. A topic I'm very familiar with as both a designer and the head food shopper in my household. Here are my thoughts:

Who are some of your supermarket customers?
My client’s are not large supermarkets. We tend to develop relationships with smaller food purveyors in more of a boutique format.

cust serviceWhen setting up a retail store or boutique, you need to think beyond "where everything will fit".  The merchandising of your stores products will have a significant influence on what your customers will buy.  If everyone who entered your store found exactly what they came for, bought it, and left, your sales woulld suffer. It's up to you to entice people to shop longer and buy more than what they originally came for.