lease or buy headerLease your fixtures and displays

When we are designing a store the budget is a first and foremost issue.
We can't design a store correctly without knowing howmuch our client wants to spend. When we don't have an amount defined we often either over design or under design and the result is a re-design with extra time spent on the redo.
If our client is interested in a lease we suggest they apply for a lease and see howmuch they qualify. Then they canmake a decision on just how much they want to spend on their store and we can lay it out accordingly.


Leasing Defined

A lease is a contractual arrangement in which a leasing company (lessor) gives a customer (lessee) the right to use its equipment for a specified length of time (lease term) and specified payment (usually monthly). Depending on the lease structure, at the end of the lease term the customer can either purchase or renegotiate the continued lease of the equipment.

Leasing Works for Any Type of Business

Every imaginable type of organization leases throughout the world including proprietorships, partnerships, lease mannequins piccorporations, government agencies, religious and non-profit organizations. A significant number of American businesses lease at least one of their equipment acquisitions and nearly all say they would choose to lease again

Almost Limitless Possibilities

You can lease nearly anything associated with the operations of your business (including all types of capital equipment, hardware, software, and soft costs such as installation and consultation).

How To Lease With Red3 Display

Fill out a short online lease application. Our leasing partners will review your application and contact you the moment you are approved to begin the leasing process.

Leasing Advantages

Make Better Use of Your Money

Conventional bank loans usually require more money upfront than leasing and often have restrictive covenants. Conventional debt financing may require a 10-20% down payment, whereas leasing generally requires only one or two payments upfront, which are applied to the balance of the lease.

Finance 100% of Your Costs

In most cases, the full amount of the equipment, as well as the service, shipping, installation costs and maintenance can be included in the lease. This spreads the cost out evenly over the term of the lease freeing up your money to work harder for you.

Realize Significant Tax Savings

Monthly payments on operating leases are typically viewed as operating expenses offering significant tax benefits. You should always consult with your financial advisor to determine the most tax-beneficial lease for your company.

Speedy and Easy

With leasing, most applications receive bids within two business merchandising lease pic This means that you can acquire equipment now, so your business can focus on increasing revenues.

You Can Tailor a Solution That Meets Your Requirements

Leasing is flexible, which means you can tailor the length and amount of your payments to meet your business' needs.

Improve Your Cash Flow Forecasting

The fixed nature of a lease obligation eliminates uncertainty about the future cost of the equipment. Your lease payments facilitate more accurate forecasting and planning.

No Ownership Dilution

Leasing allows you to increase the cash flow of your company without bringing in investors to finance capital expenditures.

Lease or Buy?

Purchase Options

$1 Buyout

The customer purchases the equipment for $1 at the end of a Capital Lease and title to the equipment is transferred from the leasing company to the customer.

Fair Market Value (FMV) Purchase Option

At the end of term, you have the following options:
1. Purchase the equipment for its then Fair Market Value.
2. Extend the lease for a pre-determined length of time (this will be specified in your lease contract)

We will strive to work with you to determine the financing solution that offers the greatest benefit for your business. Please call our lease specialists at 619-208-7527 with any questions or to apply.