RED3 Custom Showcases

Why go custom?

Our custom showcases are made in America and include free standing glass cases, wall display showcases, jewelry counter showcases, trophy cases, glass top pedestals and cash counters that can all be customized and delivered to you promptly.  Custom cases are generally made of much higher quality materials and more solidly built to handle retail traffic than overseas models.  

How do I get started?

We can work from your information, drawings, specifications and blueprints. OR, we can walk you through and modify an existing standard model by changing the overall depth, height, width of the display.  RED3 is a one stop custom store fixtures and cabinets manufacturer for all your needs.  Upon submission of your blue prints or detailed design idea, we will call you to get a full understanding of the scope of your project.  A detailed quote will be provided and we will go over all the details of the work at hand to ascertain that we all have a complete and mutual understanding of the project.  Every facet of it will be discussed as well as any technical and cost saving options.

What are some of the custom options for showcases?

Different sizes and radiuses of curved showcases can be made singly or as part of a full showcase display island.  Custom made exhibit pedestals to match the size of your display, shadowboxes, compartment binning, storage, tech add-ons, graphics and more. The glass display area sizing can be made to fit your own specifications.  Glass shelves may be added.  We can equip your display case with additional top or side track lighting.  The base cabinet size may be made higher or shorter. All types of domestic and imported laminates may be applied to the wood surfaces or you can ask us to complete your displays using various wood veneers and stain finishes. 

Our manufacturing facility is geared to projects involving wood, laminates, glass and metal framing.  We will quote you the most competitive pricing on your custom projects.  Please call us to start a conversation today about your project and as well as any questions you may have.  Call us at 877-701-9415


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 custom showcases main header for retail and museum displays
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