For jewelers, jewelry displays are the building blocks for the store's image.  We know how important it is to display jewelry in a way that conveys your style.  This is why we offer a large variety of displays to accomodate a vast array of needs.

Need suggestions on the best displays for your shop?  Give us a call and we will walk you through it.

blackvelvet jewelry displays

Black Velvet Single Ring Display

SKU: R3-A32984B

This ring finger has a rounded front edge and is a a black velvet that will help your rings to sparkle. The single ring finger display is a must-have for a jeweler. This classic, versatile display can easily be used for a display window, showcase, or jewelry display table. Jewelry not included.


Product note: Holds 1-2 rings.

Color: Black.

Material: Velvet.

Size: Measures 2" x 2" x 2" tall.