These vintage detailed racks offer a throw-back theme that really resonates in certain stores.  High quality, limited colors and limited availability as well.    These racks change often and what is available today may not be tomorrow.  If any of the vintage racks or tables fits your store's look, we recommend you purchase while you can.

vintage clothing rolling rack header

Vintage Roll Rack Accessory Options

* Roll Rack Accessories:

Not only do the vintage roll racks look great, you have options to modify your rolling rack and turn it into a custom retail store fixture.  Please note if you plan to use these accessories while purchasing a vintage rolling rack, you will be shipped a modified vintage roll rack that has drilled holes in the steel bar to accomodate these accessories.  If you already have a non-modified vintage roll rack, these accessories will not work with your current rack. 

A.  Hangbar - Height can be adjust in 12" Increments.  Modified Vintage rack has pre-drilled holes every 12". 

B.  Faceouts - Set of 2 Faceouts.  Each faceout is 18" Long and attaches centrally to the Hangbar above (as pictured).  Hangbar has 4 drilled holes to accomdate faceouts. 

C. Glass Shelf - Set of 2 Shelves - Glass shelf with end brackets to fit on Modified Vintage Rack.