Wall Standards

Arguably the most popular and long lasting display system available (My grandfather was selling these in the 1930's). 

Recessed standards are the most invisible of the line but a bit more expensive to buy and install.  The bulky part of the standard is recessed behind the walls and all the customer sees is a thin, vertical line. 

Universal standards are best for most medium weight applications.  Less bulky than HD and a bit easier to use. 

Heavy Duty standards:  If you have little kids doing pull ups on your hangbar, you might want to consider going with these.  In all seriousness, best used for bulky clothing, wetsuits, heavy giftware, etc. 

Presenting Giftware and clothing properly requires a combination of merchandising techniques that utilizes much of the hardware shown here.  Call if you need help with layout or display accessories.



recessed standards and hardware header