RED3 DESIGN is a “Retail Only” design firm servicing clients around the globe. We work with many clients, from start-ups to ongoing firms and our goal is always the same: To provide a store that looks good, sells goods and hits your budget and time frame.

We believe that in this economic climate and web based world our retail venues have to be a little bit different than stores used to be. To that end, we work with our clients to create branded stores that combine great design with color, displays, sound, graphics, video and internet connectivity to fulfill your retail vision. Our goal is to create unique and compelling stores that will become your customers' favorite place to shop.

RED3 designs retail stores for both large and small retailers and our fees start at $1,000. Our specialty is “bang for buck” and our goal is to create stores that both “look good” and “sell goods”. With your help we collaboratively create stores that come in on time and within budget while fulfilling your retail vision.

RED3 can provide any combination of the services listed below to best suit your particular requirements. An initial meeting or conversation will determine the scope of work required and we can then provide a fee range.

1) If you have an existing store that simply needs an upgrade we typically request pictures of the store and a wish list of changes that you would like to see. These might include signage, finishes and colors, fixtures, layout, lighting, etc. We then mutually determine your design requirements so we can put together a game plan and a budget.

2) Whether you are planning a remodel or are leasing a new store we can help you create a realistic budget and time line for the stores design and construction and prepare design drawings that include:

• Storefront design and signs
• Interior layouts including dressing rooms, lights, graphics & fixtures.
• Specification and design of display fixtures and equipment
• Colors and material finishes including paint, flooring, fixtures
• Lighting plans for the retail area, dressing rooms and back room
• Traffic flow analysis tied to merchandise planning
• Video and audio plans including web kiosks
• In store graphics and brand development

3) Note that while we do specify and price fixtures and fittings our client’s may purchase fixtures elsewhere and use
RED3 for design services only.

4) We also work with our clients to insure that the product merchandising is consistent with the design of the shop. Why design a great looking shop and then have the merchandise displayed improperly?

In addition many of our clients look to our design staff for their experience in the field. We have been designing stores since 1981 and every year we “touch” hundreds of stores in every retail category. If you have a question about store design, display or construction we can usually provide an answer.

Our “Designer in Chief”, Jeff Grant, hails from three generations of retail planners. Both his father and grandfather were in the design and display business and the family’s history in the fixture business dates back to 1925, Grandpa Victor Grant actually manufactured the coconuts used in Hollywood’s famous Coconut Grove Night Club. Jeff  has been actively involved in designing, equipping, and building retail projects since 1978.

Our design team has developed projects with high profile retailers including Disney, Universal Studios, RMS Titanic, the United States Olympic Committee, and numerous professional sports teams including the Yankees, Dodgers, Angels, and Bears. However, Jeff’s specialty is helping small retailers of all types maximize their investment when planning and building their stores.

Jeff Grant is the author of “Store Planning 3.0” and is often a lecturer at retail trade shows. He lives in San Diego, California, travels extensively and works with merchants daily designing stores, providing retail fixtures and displays and dispensing advice, ideas, and suggestions.

RED3‘s design fees are based on the amount of work required by our clients. We bill on a fixed fee basis and provide a fee estimate in advance. Below is a breakdown of our services with price ranges:

Budget Design: $1000 - $3500
Many of our customers have relatively low budget allowances for their store‘s build out and can allocate enough money for the fixtures but very little for design. If you have a small store (under 2000 square feet) and have a budget of less than $20,000 for the build out, then we will help you design your store for a fee of $1000 - $3500. The plans provided include the details required to create a store that will look good and sell merchandise without any expensive “bells and whistles.”
Click the square for a list of the scope of work included in a Budget Design:

Standard Design Fee: 10-15% of Budget
Many of our customers plan to spend more than $20,000 on the build-out of their store and they want their stores to be quite unique. We‘ve found that the hours we spend on design correspond to the overall budget available build out. For example, if the budget for a 3000 square foot store is $30,000, then we will typically spend approximately 40-65 hours on design and drafting and the fees will range from $3500 - $5000. If the budget for that same job is $500,000 and the project requires extensive planning, design and branding, travel, design meetings, project review, renderings, architect and general contractor coordination, etc., then the fee will be in the $25,000 -$45,000 range. In most cases we can review your project and commit to a fixed fee.

Click the square for a list of the scope of work included in a Standard Design:red_sq
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