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Store Planning 3.0
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Store Planning 3.0

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This 270 page e-book provides a nuts and bolts approach to building your new store that will both save you money and provide real world design ideas to make your store "your customer’s favorite." Written by retail designer Jeff Grant who has designed over 1000 stores in the USA and internationally (See Jeff’s Bio.).

Here’s what’s covered:

Jeff Grant Retail Design Store Display
Table of Contents
A. The Author (Who’s Jeff Grant)
B. Introduction (Me a retailer?)
1. Budgeting Store Design, Construction & Fixtures (Max your bang for buck)
2. Retail Creation (The Players)
3. Retail Lease Analysis and Negotiation
4. Working With Retail Designers
5. Storefront + Sign Considerations
6. Store Layout and Colors (Drive sales)
7. Retail Floorcoverings (materials and layout)
8. Ceilings and Soffits
9 Retail Lighting Design (The crucial element)
10. Display Fixtures for flexibility
11. Visual Merchandising that sings
12. Sound, Video, Graphics and Scent
13. Choreography (The Zen of Shop Building)
14. Website marketing strategies for Retailers
15. Evaluating Your Existing Store Addendums:
AP-1 Store Planning Check List
AP-2 Selecting a name for your store
AP-3 Green Retailing
AP-4 Retailing in a down economy
AP-5 List of Retail Websites + Associations
AP-6 100 Pages of Sample Store Plans

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